About Us

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Meet the Chairman

CRJ Media Group was founded by Chairman & CEO Mr. Carlos R. Johnson. Hailing from Atlanta Ga., Carlos is a proud member of the Buckhead Business Association and uses his prominent platform to enact change in the community. He has consulted on several prominent political campaigns and has counseled with many dignitaries with the goal of continuing to be a voice of change for the people of Atlanta and the champion of those who are often left to their own devices.

He is truly a man of the people and is very involved with philanthropic efforts that impact the disenfranchised in the Atlanta community. From aggressively tackling issues with homelessness, youth violence and the diminished voice of the elderly, Carlos is dedicated to insuring everyone is heard and that everyone has an opportunity to exist with dignity and respect.

It is this tireless dedication that he brings to his corporation and to his extensive lists of clients and artists. Having started as a small business owner, Carlos understands that not everyone has an unlimited budget to dedicate to marketing. Therefore, at CRJ Media Group we offer solutions for all levels of budgets and our team of innovators are ready to take you brand to the next level.